News About Diablo 4 Video Game

Diablo 4 will allow you to customize your character’s visual appearance, including hair colour, eye colour, facial hair, jewellery and tattoos. This is the first time the series has allowed this. A new dye system will allow you to control the colour of your armour.

Blizzard has published a quarterly update for Diablo 4 that includes several new information from the game’s Art Department. The new character customization features were revealed. Diablo 4 will offer full RPG-style customization.Arnaud Kotelnikoff (Lead Character Artist on Diablo 4) explained that you can change the appearance of your character’s face, hairstyle, facial hair (beards, eyebrows), and even add jewelry (nosepiercing or earrings), as well as makeup and body markings like tattoos or bodypaint. You will be able also to alter the color of your character’s skin and eyes as well as hair/facial hair and body markings. While some elements will be specific to each class to reflect their unique backgrounds, others will be shared among classes, allowing for more mixing and matching.

Your chosen armour will continue to be an important part of your character’s appearance. Diablo 4 will have a more advanced dye process than the one used in Diablo 3. Kotelnikoff said that each part of armor, including the helmet and chest, can be dyed. You can either dye one piece of armor with a different color palette or all at once.The Lair will have access to this dye system. Players can also use the new ‘Wardrobe” system to mix and match different armour components and colour palettes.

Blizzard also discussed the technological and artistic advancements in Diablo 3. Diablo 4 is returning to the more dark and gritty look it was known for in its early years. This follows Diablo 3’s heavily stylised aesthetic. John Mueller, Diablo 4’s Art Director, explained that the key to this new visual style was Diablo 3’s pre-rendered cinematics. These look more natural than the more stylised, brighter in-game graphics. Although this look was achieved using new techniques, it has been maintained in the spirit of a Blizzard-published game.He stated that while we wanted to use the most recent tools and techniques, we were concerned about letting go of’realism’ in a way which wouldn’t feel authentic to Blizzard’s game. “We didn’t want characters to feel generic or procedural because these processes.”